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    Building Engineering + Mine Construction Engineering +Municipal Hydraulic & Hydroelectric + Highway, Tunnel, Bridge




    ◆Building Engineering---Granted with the Qualification of Grade I General Contracting of Building Construction, Grade I General Contracting of Steel Structure Engineering, Grade II General Contracting of Electro-mechanical Installation and Grade II Professional Contracting of Architectural Decoration. The subsidiary of Zhongding Group, Construction & Installation Engineering Company, founded in 1953, is equipped with professional construction teams like steel structure, installation engineering, electric power engineering and decoration engineering etc. and has undertaken various industrial and civil construction at many domestic provinces & cities as well as at Algeria, Botswana, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand and Cambodia etc., thus has accumulated rich experience for high-rise building, individual building, long span industrial workshop, light steel structure, curtain wall and decoration construction. The subsidiary company has been honored Advanced Unit for Safety Management of Building Construction in Jiangxi, Jiangxi Province Advanced Construction Enterprise and Pingxiang Top ten Brand Enterprise, and the projects undertaken have been granted with the “Jiangxi Advanced Quality Construction-Azalea Award”, “Jiangxi Building Structure High Quality Project Award” and “Guangdong Construction Project Advanced Quality Award”. The Oran High Court in Algeria was honored as Jiangxi’s first “Overseas Engineering Luban Prize”.
    ◆Mine Construction Engineering--- Granted with the Specail Grade Qualification for General Contracting of Mine Engineering. The subsidiary of Zhongding Group, Mine & Tunnel Construction Company, founded in 1973, ever participated in construction of over fifty domestic key coal mines and large non-coal mines as well as overseas mining engineering such as Malaysia ABOK Coal Mine & Indonesia Pengkulu Coal Mine, which is listed as Top Four Enterprise for Comprehensive Strength of National Coal Construction. The subsidiary company has created provincial & national advanced level for many times during construction of large section deep shaft, large section long distance horizontal & inclined roadway, large section tunnel construction and underground development & extension construction, creating many times National First for coal & rock roadway construction. The constructed Shanxi Tongxin Coal Mine has been granted the “Luban Prize” and many projects have been honored with the “Sun Cup”, the highest quality award for national coal industry construction projects, “High Quality Project of National Coal System” and the “High Quality Project of China Coal Construction Association”.
    ◆Municipal Hydraulic & Hydroelectric---Granted with the Qualification of Grade I for General Contracting of Municipal Public Engineering and Grade II for General Contracting of Hydraulic & Hydroelectric Construction, the subsidiary of Zhongding Group, Municipal Engineering Company, founded in 2010, aiming at accelerating the process of specialization and marketization, has successively undertaken many projects of urban drainage, river training, farmland irrigation, hydropower and urban gas at home and abroad. The contracted Oran Urban Concentrated Drainage Project in Algeria is regarded as the local key project, which was inspected by the then President Bouteflika and highly praised. The undertakenLaghouat Rubber Diversion Dike was honored as the First Dam in Africa. The constructed Lower Indrawati Hydropower Plant in Nepal could withstand the test of earthquake. The domestic constructed underground garage of Sichuan Deyang intercity station square and the center pier of Jiangxi Jiujiang coal reserve center are labeled as local sample project and provincial key project. Besides, the subsidiary company also participated in the sponge city construction of Pingxiang, Jiangxi and Zhongshan, Guangdong.  
    ◆Highway, Tunnel & Bridge--- Granted with the Qualification of Grade I for General Contracting of Tunnel Engineering and Grade II for General Contracting of Highway Engineering, Grade II for Professional Contracting of Highway Sub-grade & Bridge Engineering, the subsidiary company has participated in many tunnel, highway, iron bridge and highway bridge construction in countries like Algeria, Nepal, Saudi Arabia and at provinces like Shaanxi, Fujian, Sichuan, Jiangxi etc.