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    Long history, regulatory qualifications & certificates
    Granted with qualifications of Grade B for Leading Technology Design of Coal Industry, Grade B for Architectural Design, Grade C for Electric Power (thermo power) Engineering Design and Coal Geological Disaster Control.
    Domestic & Overseas Experiences
    Could undertake the engineering design tasks for small & medium-sized mines, co-generation, Gangue Power Plant, Coal Washery, Gangue Brick Factory, Industrial & Civil Construction, Cement Plant etc..
    Besides engaging in design business at home, we have also successively undertaken overseas design for West Mitidja Irrigation Project in Algeria (with irrigation area of 14000Hectare), Nepal Rajapur Irrigation Project, Nepal Indrawati-III Hydropower Plant((3?.5MW), Malaysia ABOK Coal Mine, Indonesia Pengkulu Coal Mine & Self-owned Power Plant, Oran Millennium Avenue Commercial & Residential Building in Algeria etc.