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Algerian Branch: under the epidemic, to promote project construction and focus on project management, we do in this way

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      As of today, over 49,000 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Algeria. The overall prevention and control effect of Zhongding International in Algeria Branch is good. At present, none of its employees is suspected, none confirmed, and all of them are emotionally stable. Under the interwoven & overlaying pressure of COVID-19 prevention, the resumption of work and production, and the progress of safety and quality, the supervision team of Zhongding Group, the branch company and the project team members keep a close eye on the project site, check the safety and quality, coordinate the internal and external environment, rationalize the working relationship, and work together to effectively ensure the progress of projects under construction under the epidemic.

      Up to now, the safety of each project of Algerian Branch is relatively stable, the construction quality conforms to the requirements, and the construction progress could basically catch up with the objectives of the employers.

▲Outdoor Renovation of Annaba 837units Project under Construction

▲Main Structure & Decoration of Annaba 1077 units Project under Construction

      The Annaba 837units project has delivered 300units to the employer, with the remaining units expected to be delivered in November.

▲Outdoor Renovation of Musta 900units Project under Construction

▲Outdoor Renovation of Musta SOUR 400units Project under Construction

      The Musta 900units Project and the Musta SOUR 400units Project are undergoing outdoor renovation works, and the basic conditions for the delivery of houses have been met, which are expected to be overall handed over by the end of the year.

▲Main Structure & Decoration of Skikda 1200units+500units under Construction

▲Main Structure of Skikda 1700units under Construction