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Ambassador to Chad Wang Xining and Chadian Vocational Training Minister Usman jointly inspected the Chadian Vocational and Technical Training School Project contracted by Zhongding International

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    On February 1, Ambassador to Chad Wang Xining and Minister of Vocational Training, Small Handicrafts and Microcredit of Chad Usman jointly inspected the project of the Chadian Vocational and Technical Training School contracted by Zhongding International.

    The project team of Zhongding International had carefully prepared for the inspection work. Chen Wenbin, the leader of the project team, introduced the project layout, design style, project function configuration and other relevant information to the inspectors and guided them to successively inspect the main functional areas of the project while providing corresponding explanations.

    Ambassador Wang Xining stated that youth is the future of a country, and the Chinese government has always attached great importance to the cooperation in vocational training and education in Africa. This school will become one of the important achievements of the "nine projects" of China-Africa cooperation in Chad. Upon completion, the school will cultivate a large number of technical talents for Chad, boost the industrialization development process in Chad, and also help local youth master practical skills and improve their employ ability. It is hoped that the Chadian youth studying here in the future will contribute to the prosperity and development of local society and become a folk envoy of the friendship between China and Chad in the new era.

    Minister Usman stated that for a long time, the Chinese government has kept its promise and provided sincere and selfless support to Chad in the field of vocational training and education, boosting Chad's economic and social development. Chad will always remember and cherish this friendship. Chad is actively preparing for the subsequent operation of the project and is willing to continue to maintain a close cooperative relationship with China, striving to build the school into a first-class vocational and technical talent training center in Chad.