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They Completed Training

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     "The Chad Vocational & Technical Training Center is the fruit and symbol of the cooperation between Chad and the Chinese Embassy in Chad, which carries the torch of win-win cooperation between our two peoples," said Damaris Adeguelaye Nodjioto, Secretary General of the Ministry of Vocational Training, Handicraft & Micro-credit of Chad, in his speech at the closing ceremony.

    On March 15, local time in Chad, 14 young students from N 'Djamena, Chad completed the training with a term of two months and were successfully granted with the Certificate of Completion at the multi-functional hall of the Chad Vocational & Technical Training School Project contracted by Zhongding International.

    The training course is a friendly joint training initiated by the project team in Chad and held jointly with the foreign side of the project. The project team teaches courses with regard to building decoration such as tile laying, plaster ceiling, fine wood processing, paint construction, water & electricity installation and maintenance by taking full advantage of the construction site in the project construction of the Chad Vocational & Technical School as the classroom, and the construction personnel as the teachers.

    Student representative in the speech said: Today I am very happy to get the Honorary Certificate for Graduation. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the partnership between Chad and China, for the help of Zhongding International, and pay tribute to each of the trainers. 

    There is a Chinese saying that "it is better to teach a man fishing than to give him fish" and our Chadian sons have learned to fish and today we leave happily with the knowledge obtained. It is sincerely hoped that the relationship between Chad and China will become stronger and once again say "Xiexie" to the Chinese people.