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Interim Acceptance of Fiji Suva Multi-functional Stadium Maintenance Project Evaluated Excellent

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On April 9th, the Maintenance Project of Fiji Suva Multi-functional Stadium undertaken by Zhongding International has undergone strict assessment of interim acceptance by the expert acceptance group and has been rated as excellent. During the acceptance meeting, the leaders of the South Pacific Division, Agency for International Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce, expressed their gratitude for the guidance provided by the Economic & Commercial Counselor's Office and the efforts of all parties involved. They hoped that the construction technology team would continue to work hard and strive for the excellent engineering in the final acceptance.

Ma Guoliang, counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Fiji, hoped that the project would strengthen safety production, enhance internal management and carry forward the fighting spirit, so as to ensure the quality of the whole project and establish a image of excellent quality of Chinese enterprises. Meanwhile, rational scheduling should be arranged to ensure on time completion of  the project, promoting the economic & trade cooperation between China & Fiji, and making positive contributions to the continuous development of bilateral relations.