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Party work _detail

Zhong Ding Group held a "two learning and one" learning and education mobilization meeting.

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On the morning of May 23, according to the deployment of the Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial State-owned Assets Committee and the Party Committee of the Provincial Energy Group, the Zhongding Group held a mobilization and deployment meeting on "two schools and one do" learning and education at the company headquarters. In-depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi's important instructions on "two studies and one practice" learning and education and the overall requirements for "three efforts and four persistence" in Jiangxi work, study and implement the spirit of the Party committees at higher levels on "two studies and one practice" learning and education related meetings, comprehensively push forward learning and education, and organize special training. Top executives, Party Committee (general branch) secretaries, Party organization leaders, Party and masses departments and related personnel, all Party members from headquarters attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Changqing, deputy secretary of the company's Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee.