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Jiangxi provincial Party School 95 stage municipal Party level leading cadre training class

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On the afternoon of April 28, Jiangxi Provincial Party School set up the "Mobile Classroom" of the 95 phase of the municipal-level Party Leading Cadres'Retrospective Course at Zhongding International Headquarters, and invited Hu Lijian, Deputy General Manager of Jiangxi Energy Group and Chairman of Zhongding International Construction Group, to give a lively lecture on "Open Economy and Enterprise Transformation and Upgrading" Practical theory course.



Mr. Hu cited a large number of examples from Zhongding International in the process of innovation and entrepreneurship, and combined with the current international and domestic situation, elaborated how enterprises adapt to the new situation, transformation and upgrading to break through under the influence of environmental factors such as political, economic, diplomatic and cultural differences. Talking about how Zhongding International uses its unique corporate culture to build the soft power of the company and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Under the guidance of the current belt and road, how should the export-oriented enterprises face the challenges, identify the location and seek breakthroughs? Under the PPT presentation, Hu's lectures are informative and informative. Got the praise from the students. Everyone thinks that "mobile classroom" to Zhongding not worthwhile trip, to expand their own world vision is very helpful. It also deeply understands the hardships and difficulties of enterprises in the market competition. It can be used as a positive reference for improving work efficiency by employing enterprise spirit and enterprise practice in the future.