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Party work _detail

The trade union of the Ding group sent cooler to the front-line workers.

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It is hard to endure the heat of summer. In order to scramble for progress and benefit, the workers of Zhongding project department persist in working under the high temperature and fight hard in the front line of project construction. From July 16 to July 23, Li Changqing, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the trade union, and Jia Liang, vice chairman of the trade union, accompanied by relevant leaders, visited the project department. To the workers and their families sent watermelon, herbal tea and other anti-heat and cooling items, to the high temperature adherence to the production of frontline workers express cordial condolences. With the deployment of trade unions in the group, trade unions in various units have carried out a comprehensive and extensive campaign to send refrigeration to front-line workers. Trade unions at all levels have organized to enter worker's living areas, carefully understand the living conditions of workers, hold symposiums, and understand the relevant practices of the Ministry of Projects on labor protection, such as safety in production, heat prevention and cooling. Put forward suggestions and suggestions accordingly.



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Summer cooling to the front-line workers is an activity arrangement for the construction of the "workers' home" of the trade union of China Ding Group. Zhong Ding is a home and thrives on everyone. The transformation and development of Zhongding Group need the cooperation and dedication of every Zhongding people, hard work, unity and struggle to build a better life together.