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Zhong Ding municipal company exerts its trade union function and cares for workers' interests.

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The trade unions of Zhongding Municipal Company give full play to the functions of trade unions, care for the interests of employees, and submit to the staff and workers for discussion any major issues concerning the reform and development of the company so as to further develop the democratic supervision role of the staff and workers, so as to strengthen the "master" consciousness of the staff and workers'active participation in the management of the company. And from the rights and interests, health, needs, spiritual and cultural life, all-round concern for the lives of workers, so that workers feel comfortable, harmonious and stable enterprises.
In line with the concept of "no trifles in the interests of the masses", the trade unions of municipal companies are concerned about the lives of their workers and regard solving the problems that the workers urgently need to solve as an important task. In order to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of workers, a library has been set up to issue "book purchase cards", "movie cards" and "birthday cake cards" to employees. Workers were organized to carry out basketball, badminton, table tennis, chess, photography and other activities, and actively participated in the "Zhongding Dream Labor Beauty" competition at the headquarters of Zhongding, and achieved good results.
Municipal trade unions have also set up a "five must visit" system. Employees must visit their emotions, staff members must visit their sick in hospital, staff members must visit their loved ones when they die, staff members must visit their families when they encounter sudden difficulties, and female workers must visit their children and male workers when they are fathers. And organize an annual medical examination, organize labor models to recuperate sightseeing in Beihai, Beidaihe and other places in Guangxi. During the summer, the organizer sent a condolence to the project department to send heatstroke prevention items. In a series of activities, to achieve service care without blind spots, service zero distance, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of workers.
At the same time, trade unions of municipal companies pay close attention to the protection of the rights and interests of migrant workers in all projects, timely dispatch, timely grasp of first-hand information, timely handling of labor disputes, communication and interaction with the project, strict supervision to ensure that migrant workers'wages are not in arrears.