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InterpretationoflogoforZhongdingInternational Construction Co.,ThedesignoflogoforZhongdingInternational Construction Co.,originatesfromtheconceptofgathering,breedingandsublimation,whichtakesthelines,ellipse



Interpretation of logo for ZhongdingInternational Construction Co.,The design of logo for ZhongdingInternational Construction Co.,originates from the concept of gathering, breeding and sublimation, which takes the lines, ellipse and letter”ZICG” as the element, and adopts the combination of direct & indirect description to achieve the concise and flexible pattern.
The five lines are closely adjacent to each other, representing the sincere cooperation and interdependent relationship among the staff, customers, partners, shareholders and the company. The lines sketch the contour of architecture, which embodies the industry characteristics of Zhongding integrating comprehensive design, construction & installation, real estate development, mine & tunnel construction and electric power. The ellipse symbolizes the eggshell harboring life with architectural works breaking out of the eggshell, revealing the process management of meticulous design and meticulous construction of the company. The design shape is similar to the Chinese character “Zhong”, embodying the image of sailing abroad and conveying the ideal of unceasing progress and sustainable operation. The acronym “ZICG” of “ZhongdingInternational Construction Co.,” is embedded to show enterprise characteristics. The blue color represents the scientific and rigorous attitude, implies the mentality of tranquility & tolerance, and expresses the enterprise’s vision of pursuing quality and going global. 
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