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A Delegation led by Minister of Housing & Governor of El-tarf Province of Algeria visited El-tarf 1000sets Housing Projects

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LocaltimeonthemorningofNov.19,2018,adelegationledbytheministerofhousing&urbanplanning,Mr.AbdelwahidTEMMAR(theimagebelow)andgovernorofEl-tarfprovince,Mohamed Lebka(secondfromright,imagebelow)visitedthe

Local time on the morning of Nov.19,2018, a delegation led by the minister of housing & urban planning, Mr.Abdelwahid TEMMAR(the image below) and governor of El-tarf province, Mohamed Lebka(second from right, image below) visited the El-tarf 1000sets public housing project undertook by the Algeria Branch of Zhongding International and met with the project administrative staff.