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A Team Leaded by Minister of Ghanaian Engineering & Housing Dept., Akira Visited Zhongding Project

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InthemorningofJune29andaftersigningofthecommercialcontractonJune28forthe50,000unitssocialaffordablehousingprojectduringtheChina-AfricaEconomic &TradeConsultationMeeting,theMinisterofGhanaianEngineering&HousingDept.,Akira,togetherwiththechairmanoftheHousingCommittee,Amouako;theseniormemberoftheHousingCommittee,Bezerah;andtheexecutivedirectorofthehousingministry,Tufour,carriedoutfieldinvestigationonthehousingprojectundertakenbyZhongdingInternationalinPingxiang.

      In the morning of June 29 and after signing of the commercial contract on June 28 for the 50,000 units social affordable housing project during the China-Africa Economic &Trade Consultation Meeting, the Minister of Ghanaian Engineering & Housing Dept., Akira, together with the chairman of the Housing Committee, Amouako; the senior member of the Housing Committee, Bezerah; and the executive director of the housing ministry, Tufour, carried out field investigation on the housing project undertaken by Zhongding International in Pingxiang.