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Company Profile
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    Zhongding International Construction Group Co., Ltd., affiliated to Jiangxi Investment Group, is a comprehensive multinational management company integrating engineering construction, design consultation, real estate development, mineral resources development, labor export and international trade, with its business spreading over 20 countries worldwide. The company boasts complete construction qualifications of Special Grade for General Contracting of Mine Engineering, Grade A for Design of Building Industry (building engineering) and Coal Industry (coal mine & coal preparation plant), Grade I Qualifications for Building Engineering, Municipal Public Engineering, Tunnel Engineering, Steel Structure Engineering and Real Estate Development. Besides, the company also has the qualifications of General Contractor for Foreign Aid Packaged Project and 16 local highest project contracting qualifications in 8 overseas countries like Algeria and Israel etc..


    The company has consecutively been awarded with "ENR’s Top 250 International Contractors ", listed among "China Top 100 Enterprises for Foreign Contracting Engineering" and "China Top 10 Enterprises for Comprehensive Strength in Coal Construction ", and evaluated as AAA Credit Enterprise by China Construction Industry Association, China National Coal Association, China International Contractors Association and China-Africa Business Council, and also honored as Jiangxi Leading Enterprise for Foreign Economy and Jiangxi Going Out Advanced Enterprise. Hundreds of projects won the Luban Award, Sun Cup Award, National Quality Project Award, China Foreign Aid "Excellent Project" Award and Jiangxi Quality Engineering "Azalea" Award. 


    No Miracle in Entrepreneurialism, every word carrying weight. In line with the principle of "doing a project, erecting a monument, making a friend and promoting a partys development", by adhering to the business philosophy of marketization, specialization, humanization and internationalization, the company will sincerely cooperate with old and new friends to seek common development, and stay committed to creating a comprehensive service provider and multinational business group featured by integration of investment, design, construction and operation.