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Uzbekistan Merchants Visited Zhongding Group

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      Inthe afternoon of May 23, a delegation of four of Uzbekistan Mironkul Group represented by the senior manager Usmanov Oybek visited Zhongding Group, who were warmly received by the company president Hu Lijian, General Manager Zhao Guisheng, deputy general manager JinJiangtao, vice general manger Xiao Jianping, and heads from safety technology dept., planning & development dept., market development dept., as well as the vice director of investment dept. of Provincial Investment Group Zhang Baoquan. 
      During the morning of 21-23 May, the above four have successively carried out field visits on the projects undertaken by Zhongding. During the discussion, both parties held in-depth discussion on cooperation on projects such as cement factories, coal mines and glass factories. Mironkul Group is expected to cooperate with Zhongding Group on more projects and form long-term cooperative partnership.