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New Ambassador to Fiji Zhou Jian Visited China-aided Fiji Suva Multifunctional Gymnasium Maintenance Project

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    On February 10, the newly appointed Ambassador to Fiji, Zhou Jian, and Business Counselor Ma Guoliang, led a delegation to inspect the project camp and construction site of the China-aided Fiji Suva Multifunctional Gymnasium Maintenance Project undertook by Zhongding International.

    Ambassador Zhou Jian stated that Fiji is of great significance to China. This project not only has economic benefits, but also has political effects. He demanded that the project team should take Party building as the guide, concentrate efforts, overcome difficulties, form joint forces, and complete the tasks; should give priority to quality, be safe in production, operate in accordance with the laws and regulations, strengthen publicity, and actively give back to society while doing a good job in project construction.